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Traders spend so much time doing things they'd prefer not to do: jumping to different resources to research an idea, filtering through dirty data, wrestling with backtesting environments, then there's integration with libraries and frameworks, etc. In order to be able to focus more on the fun stuff, like implementing ideas, we wanted to pull everything you need into one place and automate as much as possible. With Arcade Trader, all the data you need for quantitative research and analysis is in one place. Your backtesting environment is ready to go. No need to learn a programming language if you're not a developer. No more starting at the monitor, afraid to miss an opportunity. Research, develop, test, run and forget.
Yes, it is! This is our mission: make a professional, fully integrated algo trading platform available to everybody. The FREE plan has some limitations to ensure that the platform is fast for everyone. Some operations are very CPU/process heavy, like backtesting, and demand dedicated resources. For this reason, we've introduced the Arcade Token so that when users need more power for testing, they can just pay for that and Arcade will dynamically scale the backtest cluster to execute the queue of tests quicker.
Arcade Trader's current principal income comes from the commercial licenses sold to Professional Traders, Hedge Funds and Banks. Furthermore, the Arcade Trader Marketplace will soon be available, where algo traders will be able to sell their own algorithms with a subscription model. Arcade Trader will get a small commission on the subscription. Last, but not least, the Cloud platform is sustained by the users that buy Arcade Tokens to execute additional or more granular backtests.
Absolutely not. Arcade Trader sends orders directly to your broker via their API. Your orders remain strictly private between you and your broker. Also, stop losses and other boundaries remain in Arcade Trader and are not sent to brokers.
The algorithms you develop using Arcade Trader are 100% yours. Arcade Trader is not authorized to inspect, copy, modify or redistribute your algorithms. If you still don't feel comfortable using Arcade Trader on the Cloud, very soon you will be able to download the Enterprise version and install it on your personal computer.
Security is paramount at Arcade Trader. User data like Strategies, Patterns, Accounts, etc are kept isolated in a private partition not accessible to other users. There are strict rules in the company for accessing private data and we adhere to the GDPR (check out privacy policy). Your strategies and tests are running in a safe, secure environment hidden behind Cloudflare Argo Tunnels. Our servers are hidden and not exposed directly to the Internet (no open ports), but rather, they connect to the Cloudflare network by using an encrypted channel. On top of that, Arcade Trader is using an additional level of strong encryption on the data exchange with the Cloudflare channels.
Arcade Data, an expert in managing big data, is the company behind Arcade Trader. Trading is one of the most challenging sectors where both big data and real-time are a requirement. Arcade Data released Arcade Analytics as the first and only Open Source Graph Analytics platform. The team is distributed between Europe and the USA.
Right now only the US Equity Market is available, but soon the support for Crypto and Forex will be added. Based on the interest, we could support additional stock markets.
Yes! We developed Arcade Trader's intuitive Natural Language so that anyone can create an algorithm. It's as easy as writing a sentence. If you're a Developer, you can use Javascript and Python (the 2 most popular languages) together with our library of functions and indicators. No need to include external libraries. Check out the Documentation.
Yes. Arcade can be used for manual trading, semi and full automated trading. Arcade provides manual execution of orders via the User Interface. The main advantages for using Arcade for manual trading are (1) the access to the advanced analytic tools and (2) setting stop loss and max profit boundaries that are not sent to the broker but executed by the Arcade Platform. Check out the Documentation.
Arcade Token
You get 250 free Arcade Tokens included with the FREE plan that renew weekly. 250 tokens are good to backtest one year up to 250 times in a week at day level test. Extra tokens are available to be purchased separately and work with all Cloud subscriptions with no expiration.
1 Extra Arcade Token = $ 0.01 USD
Backtesting is a very CPU and IO intensive job that requires a lot of resources to support thousands of users. The Arcade Platform automatically scales the cluster of test machines according to demand. Check with your subscription to see how many Arcade Tokens are included weekly. The tokens included with the Cloud subscriptions are earned every week. Those tokens, if not used, expire on Sunday 12:00 am EST and are not cumulative. Extra tokens are available to be purchased separately and work with all Cloud subscriptions with no expiration. Tokens are not refundable and can't be transferred to other users. Each test can include multiple strategies at the same time with no extra cost.

Cost of Testing
  • Day Level: 1 Arcade Token for testing from 1 to 252 days (the average of trading days in a year). Testing 10 years back is 10 Arcade Tokens.
  • Minute Level: 1 Arcade Token for each day of testing. Testing 100 days at minute level is 100 Arcade Tokens.
  • Tick Level: 10 Arcade Token for each day of testing. Testing 100 days at tick level is 1,000 Arcade Tokens.